The Management Committee

A big hello from your Committee. Did you know that the committee is reponsible for managing and supporting the pre-school and making overall decisions? It is made up of Parents who have children in the pre-school, breakfast and after school club who volunteer their time.


The committee has an AGM each September which all parents are invited to attend and hear about what has gone on over the past year. It is also where new members are elected and those wishing to leave step down. All roles are then re-assigned at our next committee meeting


We are always looking for help with various projects and it is really important to get the support of you all. If you would like more information please speak to a member of the committee or staff.


You can contact the committee at:


The Committee



Zane Van Romunde - Chair
James Bailey - Treasurer
Kathryn Rowland - Secretary
Kelly Hathaway - Committee Member
Andy Elliston - Commitee member